On Mykonos, September 2015

One super-organised Italian photographer – Carlo Raciti – born in Khartoum, raised and educated in Rome and living and working in Athens, Greece since 1994. One starry-eyed Greek journalist, freelance travel, food and lifestyle writer and full-time tourism PR/communications consultant – Helen Iatrou – who was born, raised and educated in Melbourne, Australia, and has lived and worked in Athens since 1996.

We both found ourselves in Greece more years ago than we’d care to admit. What’s important though is that we eventually stumbled upon one another and, while we worked separately for quite a number of years, realised that – damn! – we need to be combining our skills and getting great travel, food and lifestyle stories out there for the world to read and see.

We’re your on-the-ground Greece experts and while nothing excites us more than a pair of plane tickets to anyplace and a packed suitcase, we really can’t imagine living anywhere else but in sun-spoilt Greece.

Here on our website, you can find our media clippings but also read stories on and view images of Greece’s spectacular island and mainland destinations. We want to take you to the very heart, soul and spirit of this ancient nation with a surprisingly youthful attitude. You can also find stories on a smattering of other incredible destinations around the world that we visit.

Helen has worked for media outlets including Reuters and Travel Daily News International and written on a freelance basis for a wide range of daily and weekly newspapers such as The Times (UK) and The Sunday Times (UK), lifestyle and business publications, websites and travel guides such as Bradman’s Business Guide, Eyewitness Guides and AA Publishing.

Armed with sharp PR and marketing skills honed since 2003, she is available for copy-editing, project-based editing, pitch and press release writing, website content creation and media workshops for PR professionals.

Carlo has shot fashion, lifestyle, travel, landscape, portraiture and animal images for digital and print news media, business, news and lifestyle magazines in the UK, the US, Italy and Greece, including Harper’s Bazaar, Newsweek and Kathimerini.

Together, we produce informative, well-researched travel destination features, tourism news stories, profiles of entrepreneurs and hotel reviews illustrated with striking imagery for media outlets and websites .

We create striking word-perfect content and gorgeous photography for hotels and restaurants, lifestyle brands, companies of all sizes and travel and tourism websites, such as TUI. We can create blog and social media posts with catchy written and visual content that excites and engages readers.

 So, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Email us via info at greecessence.com or the form below.
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